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Contacted Paypal legal department over a month response

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Anyone have any idea what a normal response time from PayPal's legal department is? When doing my taxes I found charges that are now almost a year old that were not mine. I opened a unauthorized transaction dispute for the amount, but was told because it was more than 180 days in the past it could not be refunded. However, according to the PayPal TOS if they deny a refund for a disputed unauthorized transaction, then PayPal has to prove they could have stopped the payment up to 60 days from the date it was initiated. Something I doubt they could do as they labeled it as "preapproved", and I am pretty sure it processed within 60 days.

Regardless, I was referred to the legal department for this issue, and contacted them more than a month ago, but have received no response. I am wondering if they are understaffed, or closed completely, and nobody in customer service can tell me. The only contact method they have is snail mail, and I have literally been told in order to find out when my first request will be answered I have to mail another request in asking to know when they will answer the first one.

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