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Connectig bank account

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Connectig bank account

Hi there I just turned 18 and opened a new paypal account. When I didn't know it was 18+ I had another account and when they found out the blocked it. It was connected to the bank account I still have till this date. When I now want to connect it again it doesn't work because it says it's still connected to the other account (the blocked one). Is there any way to fix this? Thanks for the response!
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Re: Connectig bank account



If you had an illegally opened underage account then you should ask paypal customer services first if they will allow you to open another account now that you are 18, otherwise you risk that one being limited as well as you have already broken their rules once.

So your best bet is to contact c.s. and ask if its ok you have opened one and if they can remove your bank account from the permanently limited one, however its unlikely as if the account is permanently limited you can't use any linked info from that account but worth trying and asking.  

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