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Confirming US Tax Payer Status


Confirming US Tax Payer Status

The first step is to choose if SSN or ITIN. I accidentally chose ITIN this first step and it won't let me revert back to this initial step to choose SSN. I cannot input my SSN into the ITIN box for the second step labelled, "Because you receive payment for goods or services through PayPal, you must verify your U.S. taxpayer status to avoid limitations to your account." in my red alert notification bar. "Because you receive payment for goods and services through PayPal, we need to verify your U.S. tax status. Your U.S. taxpayer information will be used to prepare the IRS Form 1099-K when it is necessary. You can refer to the instructions provided by the IRS." is the detailed information and then it has 3 boxes, first name, last name, ITIN number. But inputting the SSN in this ITIN number box does not work. I cannot press next.

I already have my SSN in my account in my account settings. 

Does anyone know how I can switch back to an SSN for that alert? Or what to do in my scenario?

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Re: Confirming US Tax Payer Status

same i try to confirm my taxpayer staus but it says something went wrong i called yesterday PAYPAL please help i need 152