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Computer hacked, money was taken through PayPal. Unauthorised transaction refund declined.

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Computer hacked, money was taken through PayPal. Unauthorised transaction refund declined.

Hello, i've just had an email from PayPal declining my Unauthorised transaction dispute. I thought I'd come on here to FULLY explain my entire day today. I'm incredibly angry with the outcome. First i'll talk about leading up to today.  Date is 10/04/2021, I load up my computer and the application 'Any Desk' loads up, (it allows users to access your PC). I question it as I never installed it, try to find it to uninstall, doesn't come up, so I close it and leave it. Fast forward to the day of the hack 11/04/2021. I wake up, load my computer and go downstairs for breakfast and to build our new Lawn Mower. (I'm being specific as PayPal don't seem to believe the situation). Upon returning I see that two website are open, PayPal, G2A and Kinguin as well as Any Desk. I immediately close/disconnect Any Desk and straight away change my passwords on PayPal/emails. I check my card and see that on Kinguin, the hacker had purchased two £45 gift cards for a video game and one £20 gift card for a mouse on G2A. First thing I do is report the transaction to PayPal and also to my Bank. My bank instantly shut down my card and reported all transactions as unauthorised. I was then told to keep in contact with PayPal, and that they would refund me for this horrible situation. I struggled to call PayPal directly, so instead headed to Live Chat for assistance. I told them of my ENTIRE situation, and even offered a complete screenshot of my google browser history as it showed the hackers steps, from paypal to the websites to confirming everything. Although my card was linked to this account, I luckily don't use this one anymore so my email and information weren't in any huge danger. It's an old email address long abandoned. Maybe this didn't help my case? But I've just received an email that says We've completed our review of your unauthorised activity case, and we’ve determined there was no unauthorised use. I completely understand PayPal's situation and it must be so hard to see if it's true. But I'm incredibly angry as In the past i've never had a problem with PayPal's systems, and I REFUSE to just let this money go as it's for essential shopping. Over £100 is a lot to lose instantly! Please, if any community member or Paypal employee sees this, PLEASE reconsider the the dispute. I will be calling tomorrow to explain all this over and over again. 

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Re: Computer hacked, money was taken through PayPal. Unauthorised transaction refund declined.



Could this be why?


You are not entitled to any financial compensation from us as outlined above and you will owe to us (and we may reverse from your account) any compensation you have already received from us if:


We can show that the payment was made because you did not keep your account safe either intentionally or with gross negligence (for instance, you very carelessly chose to share your PayPal ID and/or password/PIN with someone else); or

Advice is voluntary.
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