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I thought Paypal was a safe pair of hands.  It's not, or at least that's what I'm gleaning from their complete lack of interest in my case.  I paid money to a scammer for items on Facebook via a very authentic-looking website.  Within a very short time of them getting my money, I knew it was a scam and equally quickly I informed Paypal in the hope they could get my money back.  They were having none of it.  In fact I'd go as far as saying Paypal actively aided and abetted the scammers by agreeing that I should return cheaper inferior unordered items, at my expense, before a refund would be made.  I refused to do this as it was all clearly part of the scam to make me part with even more money.

The Resolution Centre and I communicated maybe 40 times, each time it was with a different person, and each time it was the same old patter ... the case was closed in the scammer's favour because I did not return the items they sent that I hadn't ordered.  Not at all interested in it being a scam.  Not at all interested in their part in it.  Couldn't care a damn.

So I'm trying to elevate my complaint to someone who's not blinkered in their approach to individual circumstances . . . and surprise surprise their complaints section on their website isn't working . . . but you won't know that until you've spent half an hour or so detailing your complaint to only find out its going nowhere when you try to send it.  What utter incompetence on behalf of Paypal.  One of their strap lines is about 24/7 protection to customers from fraud . . . and the jokes just keep coming.  

Come on Paypal, get a grip.  Treat your customers with respect and when something's not right, try doing your best to help rather than hinder.

I'm absolutely appalled.