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Has anyone else had a problem getting thier money back from an obvious scam. In my case it seems like paypal is on the sellers side. I have sent them a boatload of proof that I was scammed. One of the conditions one scammer had was to send back the object thet sent me. I ordered a sm. home excavator, they sent me pair of plastic pearl earings. Even after I sent a picture of the earings paypal stood behind the seller and insisted I send them back at my expense. Paypal will not send me a refund until the seller gets their junk back. I also ordered a trac rider and was sent a plastic ring instead. Paypal says I gotta wait until 02/16 for the seller to respond. I'm still trying to figure out what happened to the buyer guarantee that paypal supposedly has? Anyone else having a dispute like this?
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Paypal are doing exactly what they guarantee if you take the time to actually read up on buyer protection in paypals user agreement.

In the event of a dispute you need to bear in mind possible return trackable costs before you buy from that seller / item / country because....

Paypal state this >>
PayPal is not obliged to reimburse you for any costs that you incur to comply with any of PayPal’s requests for cooperation for the purpose of resolving the problem (including, without limitation, costs that you incur to return a SNAD item to the Payment Recipient or another party as PayPal requests), although sometimes it may reimburse these costs.

Although they will compensate you for some of the cost if you have activated this at some point before you made that transaction.

You also have the option to do a chargeback via your card issuer instead of a Paypal dispute if you funded your Paypal payment via a credit card.

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