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Closing the account


Closing the account

We opened an account in Feb 2019. A friend opened the account and did not realise it was important to open it in my full name. We just used a made up user name. All other details were in my correct name including my address and associated bank account. In August 2019 they stopped and froze my account. They wanted proof of the made up user name. We couldn't provide that as it was a made up username. We have called them PayPal several times to no avail and they said they would hold the money for 180 days. Which ended March 2020. Still no word and can't access our money. So now I want to close the account and get my money. Please advise.

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Re: Closing the account



You can't close a permanently limited paypal account, paypal limit it to stop you using any of the information on the account to try and open another paypal account against their rules.

Also the funds in the account belong to the person named on the account who has a legal document to prove its their name.

As you opened a legal financial account in a fake name then you may have to seek legal advice on that one. 

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