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Closed case with no feedback and blocked account


Closed case with no feedback and blocked account

I entered a case against a seller. A week later, I wanted to see if the case had been dealt with. All I saw was case closed (I did not close it) with absolutely no info. It is a full month later and still no item. I think Paypal's manner of dealing with this is quite substandard. What can I do now to file a second complaint as the site won't let me? 


Secondly, my account is on hold (or so it says at the Paypal site). The last time this happened, they told me to call Ebay. Fine but after contact with them, they told me that it had been a computer mistake on their end. It is very nice that Paypal is controlled by Ebay but I don't know what to do and I don't want to see how understaffed Ebay is as calling them in these times is to not expect any answer. My question is - is Ebay in complete control of my money? Is Paypal ever taking responsibility. No apologies and a waste of my time!!!!

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Re: Closed case with no feedback and blocked account



Which dispute did you open?

Ebay and Paypal are 2 totally separate companies.

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