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Closed case with my fault and cant get my refund.

New Community Member

Closed case with my fault and cant get my refund.

I have bought iphone xs on ebay and paid 380$.when I got package it was aluminum foil in the box and not iphone xs. I have opened case on ebay and also opened case on paypal.I have also sent this package back to this seller and ebay said that I have won this case and they will send me refund,but also said ebay assistant to close paypal case because ebay will send refund on my master card and closed case on paypal.I closed case and waited about 10-12 days but still have not got refund from ebay.

then I contacted again ebay support and explaned everything and now they say that I have won case but I have to contact paypal to get refund,because payment for this item was made by paypal.but now I cant open case for that item again and can you tell me what can I do now?

trying to reach paypal with messages but it says everytime that its not working hours and to contact later.

here is transaction id:1TV92377JB859834J and Item number #383662983921