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Closed Dispute by PayPal

New Community Member

Closed Dispute by PayPal

I disputed a fraudulent charge to my account. Make no mistake my account had to have been hacked and compromised. Without contacting me PayPal closed the dispute and now when I try to dispute it again or reiterate it was Fraud and to "close" my account there is no contact or email to send to follow up on this with them. Their system simply tells me to go to "resolution center" wherein I can do nothing. Do any of you know a direct contact and/or email to customer service, as this is ridiculous a fraudulent transaction made on my account payment disbursed and I have no recourse. If so why do any business on PayPal ? Please advise... Thank you


Re: Closed Dispute by PayPal

I have a feeling that PayPal pays more attention to the seller than us as customers when it comes to complaints (fraud and undelivered goods).

a) The case is closed at the request of the seller and I as the buyer have no opportunity to respond or open the case - to get the money back.

b) Seller has sent counterfeit item (fraud) and demands that I pay for a refund this empty box, where the postage will be more than the real value of the package - otherwise I will not get the money back (which is significantly higher than the item's value).

do you know about it too - I feel abandoned and gagged.