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So, I placed a book people order 2.3.20. It did not arrive and they did not answer as they went bust in the interim. Got paypal involved and most of the order then arrived (May). However, the price was £53.50 and the amount of books received was £47.90 (dispatch note has details including a stamp for a £2.80 refund...). Paypal then cancelled the claim in favour of the book stealers despite 2 interim emails that they replied to with the usual holding off generic reply. I went through all the usual procedures via paypal only to be blocked, so filled out a complaint email as instructed.... this then took me to messaging after clicking submit - where it says NO MESSAGES. Did the same this evening wasting more of my time with the same result! The email yesterday where it said cancelled invited me to a link that was invalid! Resolver has said Paypal not answering complaints... Paypal messaging useless, so I am not phoning them, thats worse (have you tried?)  - whats their address to formally complain as everything else is broken? Its COVID not the plague and answering email and the phone isnt tied to office working so why pretend they have less services? Their staff are not ill in great numbers, or  self isolating anymore  unless they have a vast amount of vulnerable people percentage wise more than any other workforce? Come on get a grip and stop making excuses Paypal. I and my family are working as usual ! You have made more money due to COVID - so employ more staff. Sorry Community Paypal sucks and has failed its customers, amid masses of profit and reluctance to employ extra staff. Rant over.... for now

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