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Clever Scam by Digital River


Clever Scam by Digital River

A Serena <removed> sent me an email stating that she had accidentally deposited $50 into my PayPal account that she meant to deposit into her friend's account. She asked me to please return the money. I checked my bank and the $50 showed up but I was locked out of my account. Serena sent me another imploring email. I finally took pity on her and approved her request for the PayPal payment.  In doing so, I learned that "Serena" was Digital River and by approving what I thought was a return of her money, I actually had approved a reoccurring payment of $49 to Digital River.  I immediately canceled the transaction. I hope it holds.

 Has anyone else been drawn into this scheme?


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Re: Clever Scam by Digital River

Digital River charged my PP account for $65.90. Called them and they asked for my credit card number because they didn't have a record associated with my email address. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

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