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Claims not supported

New Community Member

Claims not supported



I am complaining in regards to the dispute and Claim raised with PayPal. 


Not only Sports direct is in the wrong for sending a damaged item and not taking responsibility but PayPal also filed making a mistake against a customer like me.

I have claimed for one item worth £85, and now as a condition and totally out of context – in order to receive this refund, I have to send the entire order and along with my claimed damaged item, I have now to send the other purchased items, I never claimed for.  


Those items were already given to kids for Christmas presents. I don’t possess the items as they were never part of my claim and never a consideration of asking for a refund – asking for them now is against consumer rights and an attempt to get away from the responsibility due to a client. 


This is a situation I have never experienced but highlighted the inability of your team and inexistent process – I followed the right process! Hence I fail a full complaint against the customer service team, PayPal as a company, and Sports direct as a whole. 


It is like going food shopping and purchasing several items and if u need to return one damaged, no shop will ask for the rest of the items?

That is not only ridiculous but also a bad business decision as is another loss of a sale.


I have contacted my bank card team and they have suggested me to cut all links to PayPal as their claim of protecting the customer isn’t real and will not provide fair protection; unlike my card. I made a mistake by paying with Paypal