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Claim wrongfully denied


Claim wrongfully denied

I went through the checkout process to buy a product online. After checking out using PayPal, I received an email from the seller stating the payment could not be processed, that I would not be charged, and my item was still in the cart.  However, I received an email and receipt from Paypal stating I had been charged. When I checked my PayPal account I had in fact been charged. I contacted the seller who has no record of my order or payment. I disputed the charge, providing what documentation I had as well as emails with the seller confirming they had no record of the order.  PayPal denied my claim and appeal because I have not produced a receipt from the seller. They don’t seem to get that the seller has no record of the order or payment, and I never received a receipt despite being charged. I am so frustrated and can not reach a human being at PayPal to discuss.

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Re: Claim wrongfully denied




What does it say next to the transaction in your Paypal account?

1. Pending (with a clearance date)
2. Pending/Unclaimed with a cancel option.
3. Pending/Unclaimed withOUT a cancel option.
4. Payment or Sent.
5. Pending/Uncleared with a clearance date.
6. Pending awaiting authorisation.


Which dispute did you open and did you escalate to a claim?



How did you fund your paypal payment?

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Re: Claim wrongfully denied

Hi, @kernowlass Thank you for your response.  it says Payment next to the transaction. I'm not sure I understand the second question, but I went to the resolution center and opened a claim, which was denied. I then appealed the denial, and they responded by asking me to send a receipt. I only have the receipt from Paypal as the seller never sent a receipt because the order was not completed. I sent a copy of that as well as all emails with the seller in which they said they have no record of the order or payment.  I received another denial this morning and the reason given was that I did not send the information requested (the receipt).  I funded the payment directly from my bank account.