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Claim: what happens now!?

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Claim: what happens now!?

So I bought a fake product from a seller and opened up a dispute. The seller then oddly escalated this to a claim but never responded to it, even though PayPal states they are awaiting the sellers response and they have until July 2nd. I messaged the seller personally and he basically said he was going to drag this out as long as possible. Today is the 6th July and he still never responded. But PayPal doesn't seem to be doing anything about it? 4 days later than the date required for his feedback and I'm left wondering how long this will take. Are PayPal finalising this claim or what?

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Re: Claim: what happens now!?



Lots of posts on the same issue in the last few days.

Seems to be a delay on reviewing claims.

You can either wait it out or contact customer services for an update.

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Re: Claim: what happens now!?

Ahh I'll give it a few more days then. If nothing I'll then get in touch although I'm in no hurry. Thanks!