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Claim denied

New Community Member

Claim denied

Today paypal denied my claim. I purchased a watch from facebook advert. I paid $60 for it but they sent a completely different watch worth about $5 they offered a $5 refund which I refused. PayPal said because they sent a "watch" the case has been denied. PayPal are not the law so how can they make a legal judgement on distance selling laws that states a item must be as described. And not allow for an appeal. Comments welcome

Re: Claim denied

Me too. I bought a $1.33 foam mask from a scammer. I submitted all required documentation. PayPal denied my claim. No way to contact them. All the responders on this board say there is a way to call them, but there is not that option in Contact. When I calle[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]which is their googled contact number, after wading through all the insulting and arduous menu choices and repeating my dispute number, they said they are not accepting calls. Maddening. Why hasn't the FTC shut them down?