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Chinese scam

New Community Member

Chinese scam

I have a dispute with company inChina over products that were not the same as in their advert. I opened a dispute and an agreement was reached to post back the items and I would get a refund.up to this I had no return address and they were offering to refund 15% of cost. Anyway I was instructed by PayPal to post items and send what I understood was proof of posting. Now they want a tracking number and I didn’t get one!!! Does this mean I will lose my refund, is proof of postage not enough? It was €126 and I’ve just spent €20 on return postage so even with a refund I lisdd Ed out.

Re: Chinese scam

We have also been scammed by a Chinese seller (happens a lot I think!). I think it is disgraceful that PayPal do not force the seller to pay for return postage if we can prove that the item received is not as described. Why should the buyer pay any return postage, and this is why sellers/scammers get away with it because they know that they win either way. PayPal needs to improve the protection for buyers..