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Chinese crap


Chinese crap

I am done trying to buy anything from china. You never get what they show, if you get anything at all. My last dispute I asked for a copy of delivery proof and got nothing from pay pal except denial of claim. I think pay pal might be in on the scam. They will close a claim and there is no way to get information they used. My last claim, after I filed it I remembered getting a cheap $1 ring as a gift for being a good customer, about the time my order was supposed to be delivered, but couldn't add it to claim. From now on, I use Amazon even though it costs a little more but you get what you order.

**bleep** you chinese **bleep** and **bleep** you pay pal.


Re: Chinese crap

I never buy from Chinese companies but now they disguise themselves as American or European and PayPal does nothing for their customers.