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Chinese Stores Dispute Scam

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Chinese Stores Dispute Scam

Hey pals, So this has now happened to me twice with different items. I order something from a seller based in China, it shows up either not as described or a completely different item. So I open a dispute and it's ruled in my favor for a refund if I ship the item back with tracking. The issue here is to ship something to China with tracking has both times cost more than the item is worth, so even if I get my refund, I'm still out more than I'm getting. This is clearly a scam but how am I supposed to win? I ordered something and it was wrong. I want a refund. I'm now at the point in my dispute where I can only enter a tracking number or cancel the case. This isn't right. Any help would be appreciated. Mike
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Re: Chinese Stores Dispute Scam



Return for a refund is how PayPal resolves SNAD claims that are escalated to them for resolution. You had within 20 days to come to an agreement with the seller if both can't come to an agreement, then return for a refund is what you'll get with PayPal to break the stalemate. Seller loses sale, loses shipping costs to you, and accept their item back and refund you what you originally paid. You return on your own dime and get reimbursed if eligible. PayPal won't let you keep both item and money as punishment of seller.


PayPal does have a return shipping refund program for future purchases if this return is not eligible:


Otherwise, if you paid with credit card, you may dispute through card issuer instead if they permit it. But once you dispute via credit card, you can't go back and dispute via PayPal again. That's dead and gone.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂