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Chinatera Ltd


Chinatera Ltd

Has anyone else had problems with this company?

i thought I was buying from a UK based company called dreamingcountry2017 but when it all went wrong and they scammed me this Chinatera ltd company was what was listed in PayPal 

This is fraud on two fronts 1. Pretending to be a Uk Company and 2.Taking my money and not sending the item

Ebay,PayPal and Yodel do not seem to care


PayPal Employee

Re: Chinatera Ltd

Hi @Vigo1 


Good morning, hope you are doing fine. We want to help you about your concern. Since you've mentioned that the merchant did not send the item, we suggest for you to file a dispute on the Resolution Center page of your PayPal account so we can assist you. Please check this page I didn't receive my item or it's different than described. Should I open a dispute?  for the instructions and for other important information. Keep safe!

New Community Member

Re: Chinatera Ltd

Me also. Just took my money.