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China ripoff


China ripoff

Ordered hearing aid, no indication it was from China when ordered.  Didn't work from the get go.  Contacted seller, who said return for full refund or with no return we'll refund half.  Back and forth with them several times.  Opened dispute. Tried to email seller to tell them I'll take half, and they blocked me. Finally for through to resolution center, agent that I  couldn't understand, of course. Told to return it. I said the return postage is $60 and I don't have it so I'll settle for $30.  She said well, borrow from a friend!  I was yelling at this point.  She said I can recoup the return postage by filing another claim. Yeah, like they'd honor that.  What to do??? 

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Re: China ripoff



Return item for full refund through the dispute then get reimbursed for return costs (at least part of it):

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