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Charged a day early for a subscription trial and then threatened if I didn't cancel my dispute!


Charged a day early for a subscription trial and then threatened if I didn't cancel my dispute!

I made the mistake of trying a "free" seven day trial from this grammar correction company called Outwrite Pro, it was a Google chrome app.  I then came to find out that my Paypal account was charged $119.40 on the morning of day seven at 4.14am when I was asleep like most people.  Thus I didn't even get the full seventh day of the free trial and I had decided I was going to cancel it because it did not do the things it claimed to do.  It was basically a substandard spell checker that I can get for free and not even worth close to the exorbitant amount they charge.   Additionally, their free trial sign up made it look like a $9.99 per month charge.   


I contacted the company who said "we don't give refunds".  I then opened my dispute with Paypal.  Well it turned out that this company starting making threats towards me if I didn't close the case.  They demanded that I do so because trust them I will never win and then they might think about a refund because chargebacks cost them money (it seems like they must have a few of them going on).  I told them to contact me through the Paypal case and no I want my money back, I had uninstalled their app on that same day seven, it was not the wonder product that they described it to be and I don't want it.  Instead of contacting me through Paypal of course they continued to harass me after I had told them to leave me alone.  At one point the owner guy said okay we will cancel your subscription but didn't refund my money!  So cancelled subscription and charged for a year.  And then they made up a FAKE report showing my grammar score dated the week after I had cancelled trying to make it look like I was using this app and told me that I apparently don't know how to uninstall my app, here are my results for using it and they will send it to Paypal and win their case.  I was so horrified, I have never dealt with a company this blatantly unsavory, I reported them to Paypal, Google and the FTC.  They are located in Australia which also makes things even more difficult.


I have been trying to find from the paypal an email address where I can forward this correspondence and also evidence from Google that I never used this app after day seven and it was uninstalled  straight from my computer.  I have left messages for Paypal asking them where to send this but I haven't gotten the email of where to forward this and this company has now responded to the claim, and they obviously have no problem with fraud, lying and theft.  Does anybody know where I can do this - I am scared they are going to straight up steal my money!