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Hi I'm hoping someone can understand this because whichever way I look at it , I can't I also can't speak to anyone at PayPal I sold some jeans 6/3/20 got great feedback This morning PayPal have refunded the money for jeans £4.20 plus charged my £14 on top , There is a dispute about unauthorised payment on debit card theirs , eBay account is a girl , posting to a guy's name so I'm guessing it is his card , so the dispute the way I see it is between them because I've found I posted to cardholders address cardholder has the jeans and PayPal took payment , on my email PayPal say they are disputing this person's bank , but cardholder has money returned and the jeans plus PayPal have taken £14 charge back fee for me , even if the unauthorised payments purchase went to not their address I :hundred_points: can't see what it has to do with me , and why PayPal would have refunded a penny considering cardholder and address I posted to are same , Surley it is theft so bank is notified and police , if cardholder is the guy the buyer is either wife or girlfriend or cardholder is her she bought jeans from cardholder name and address item received plus great feedback left , I can't work it out why when PayPal deals with payment they would refund from my account for a start but take 14.00 from me chargeback 😲😲 surley that is something at top of seller protection list absolutely at a loss here
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Re: Chargeback



If you were charged a £14 fee then it was a chargeback done by the buyer directly via their card issuer.

If that is the case then its not a paypal dispute as the card issuer makes any decisions and not paypal. All paypal can do is pass on any information to the card company on your behalf.


If the card company find in favour of their buyer ie that the payment was unauthorised (card stolen or whatever) then of course they would be refunded BUT you would also be compensated under paypals seller protection policy AS LONG AS you met ALL the requirements of that policy.

As paypal has not refunded you then odds are you were not covered in some way.

Your best bet is to read up on seller protection and see where you lost out? 

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