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Case closed and buyer refunded

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Case closed and buyer refunded

Hi, can anyone offer any advice about an unauthorised transaction claim on my account whereby a buyer requested a refund?  The case was closed and the payment was refunded despite me having proof of postage and an electronic record of the sale through an online selling app. The reason given was that I could not prove that the item had been delivered. How can a buyer just claim the payment was unauthorised and not supply any proof? The issue was unauthorised payment not non arrival. I have lost my item and the payment. To add insult to injury I emailed the buyer and she said to be honest she didn't even know if she'd received the item or not. There seems to be no way of contacting PayPal to appeal or even discuss what happened. The buyer waited 11 weeks after the sale to do this. As it was such a low value item (£4.50 including postage) it was not viable to send it tracked and signed. Seems to me that the buyer said jump and PayPal jumped. Can anyone help? thanks

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Re: Case closed and buyer refunded



An unauthorised transaction means that an account holders Paypal account was hacked and used without their consent by your ?buyer.

If Paypal check IP addresses etc and find in favour of the account holder then of course they are reimbursed.

However you would not lose out either as long as you met ALL the requirements of seller protection, however as you did not supply tracking then you would not have been covered by seller protection unfortunately.

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