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Case ID: PP-D-69271671


Case ID: PP-D-69271671

Hi, i’ve been waiting a refund ages, which a scammer sale an item on Facebook and i found out they are scammer. Asked for a refund more then 3 months, you guys still haven’t successfully process the refund to my account and the estimate review date keep changing everytime that i login to the opened case. I finally received the item that the seller sent to me after 3 months, but it just a real cheap ring may cost $1 AUD or less, its totally **bleep** me off. Hope can hear from you guys shortly i am almost lost my patience. Thank you.
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Re: Case ID: PP-D-69271671

I ordered a waste disposal bin and received bin bags - even with all the evidence that I have provided, once the seller offered a full refund provided I return the bin bags - I found I could not reply.  The only options given to me were complete the tracking information (this would cost me £12 to return from the UK) or close the case.  Paypal are aiding an abetting in these scams if they do not actually have a human being assessing these cases and realising that they are very deliberate scams.  People will say we were foolish to order from a FB ad but I read the website very carefully and it's basically just all lies - you're told this is the item you are ordering and you are not receiving that item.  Yes, FB should do more to protect people by removing these adverts but Paypal have a responsibility to not provide their services to companies that are clearly running scams.  By not shutting them down, people are given this false sense of security that any purchase they make will be protected - at no point does anyone think "well I received AN item - clearly sent to just be able to provide a tracking number - but that item now has to be returned".  I recall an option to keep the item and just receive a partial refund but at the time of completing the claim I was extremely upset with myself for having fallen for such a scam and wasn't thinking properly.  Now I would accept a partial refund but it would have to justify the cost - the bin bags are thin and useless - of less value to me than ones I could purchase at a pound shop - so I'm not sure what sort of partial refund they would expect me to accept - of course I believe that that option has probably passed now 😞  I have messaged paypal but I think I have just lost my money and there will be hundreds more losing their money every day to similar scams (the super locker where people receive a small plastic container or the stool set where they received watches) - I found out about these scams only after making my purchase.