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Case Closed but no balance returned to account

New Community Member

Case Closed but no balance returned to account

After reporting unauthorized access/transactions on my account PayPal Resolution Center responded that it agreed the transactions were fraudulent and would refund the balance to my account:


"Thank you for reporting this case.  We've issued refunds for certain unauthorized transactions covered under PayPal Purchase Protection.  We've noted the account changes you reported with this case."


However no money returned to my account, no refund was issued. The reported transactions now show completed in my transaction history. The Resolution Center case says Closed. Transaction Refunds are listed on the closed case, but none of that money returned to my account.


I cannot open a new ticket in the Resolution Center for these fraudulent transactions.


It has been 2 weeks since I reported the issue and the case was closed. There is nothing in the Resolution Center ticket indicating when the refund will be processed.


Should I continue to wait for the refund or is there another way to reach out to support?