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CapOne Chargeback Dispute

New Community Member

CapOne Chargeback Dispute

I have a chargeback case which involves my personal bank.


1) I disputed the charge with my bank (CapOne) instead of PayPal. CapOne momentarily pulled the funds from PayPal to credit my account.

2) The bank ruled in the seller's favor therefore debiting my account again and returning the money to PayPal. When doing this, CapOne sent me a letter of them closing the case ruling in the seller's favor.

3) When talking to PayPal, they will not close the dispute until my bank sends the fund back. In this case, CapOne has already debited my account and sent the funds back to PayPal. 


I do not know where the money is as I nor does the seller hold the funds in our accounts. I would just like PayPal to close the dispute as CapOne has no further action. Please let me know where to go from here as Paypal has the letter from CapOne stating the case is closed, but refuses to acknowledge the funds being sent back.