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Cannot use OR delete acct!?!?


Cannot use OR delete acct!?!?

Have had a Paypal acct for many years. Never used it much, mostly just small ebay purchases/sales now and then. Recently moved, so I updated all my acct info... address, bank, etc. Next day, got an email from Paypal, stating falsely/incorrectly, that "this account was created using either fraudulent or stolen information." Called them, and they won't disclose why/what, won't reverse the decision, and won't let me close/delete the acct. **bleep**!?! What is Paypal doing, and why?!? Can't use it, can't delete it. What good is it? She even tried to give me a 100% guarantee that they would never be hacked, and my information was secure forever, (since I couldn't close or delete the acct)! Really?!? Yah, ok, Paypal... who needs you, anyway?

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Re: Cannot use OR delete acct!?!?



If you have a permanently limited account then you can't close it, paypal stops you doing so to stop you removing any linked information on that account to try and open another paypal account against their rules.

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