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Cannot provide more information on ongoing dispute

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Cannot provide more information on ongoing dispute


After opening a dispute for an item not received and the seller providing a tracking number I cannot provide more information to the case. The case has the status "under review" and they say they will make a decision on Jan 28.

The reason for my original filing was that I did not get an order confirmation and the seller's website disappeared a few days after I made the purchase so I suspected fraud. I paid $55 for a measuring tool.

I need to provide further information, specifically that I received a tiny envelope with a trash item (literally!) and with even a fake description on the envelope.

I find no way to provide additional information as well as pictures of what I received.

I tried to send a message to Paypal help, and then I confirmed that I really needed help (!), and then just now got a reply that they don't have the time to answer my message and a link to the resolution centre, as if that helps...

So, what do I do?

I'm concerned that when Paypal finally reviews the case, they will decide in the favor of the swindler since he provided a tracking number and I did receive that package, albeit with trash.

Any assistance is welcome, thank you.

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Re: Cannot provide more information on ongoing dispute



There should be an option to change the dispute FROM non receipt TO not as described.

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