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Cannot even open our PayPal account to start using it.


Cannot even open our PayPal account to start using it.

Dear Paypal Community,

                                              Every time I login to our PayPal account I see this message "Your account access is temporarily limited."  As soon as i click on adding my documentation it says Your information has been submitted Thanks for providing the information that we requested.  I am unable to  solve this problem, and have had no further communication from PayPal.  If my Bank took this long to resolve an issue, I would walk away.  It should not be this hard to solve an issue, it should be able to be resolved in a matter of hours, not over a week.


We are a legit company who have been trading for over 40 years, and just want to expand our operation into online Sales.  My CEO is telling me to forget PayPal and use our other option, but I do want to us PayPal (or maybe I am just a massochist) so I am persisting.  This is painful.


For a similar issue PayPal responded: "We want to confirm that the information in your PayPal account is accurate as we noticed some suspicious activity in your account. To understand this better, we need more information from you. You'll need to provide the requested information to regain full access. "


I have time and again provided any and all information asked of me.  Now, it just loops.  As italicised above, as soon as the "Resolve this Issue Now" button is pressed, it doesn't ask for more information, just says that someone will get back to me in two to three days.  Should this be two to three weeks??!?!?