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Cancelling a dispute.


Cancelling a dispute.

A few weeks ago I bought an item from an online store, and used a card linked to a shared bank account. The other owner was confused by the charges and called to dispute it. I talked to him and explained the situation, and after that, I called my bank and reversed the dispute. The next day the payments went through my bank and I was charged the money. But, the disputes for those payments are still an open case on PayPal, how would I go about cancelling them?


Re: Cancelling a dispute.

Hi @brendan31


Thank you for your post and welcome to our Community Help Forum!


I understand that you would like to cancel the dispute. If you close a dispute or a claim it’s important to be aware that the claim can’t be reopened. Closing a dispute tells us that the dispute or claim has been resolved to your satisfaction. Kindly follow the steps mentioned in this link.


I hope this helps.