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Can't withdraw my money.


Can't withdraw my money.

Okay so, my account got permanently limited half year ago and I had almost 200$ there. Few months ago I've got an email saying that I can withdraw my money to my bank account but for some reason I can't link my bank account to PayPal, there isn't written why... I thought that it's because of my name because my name on PayPal is <Removed> but my name in documents is <Removed> which is the same... So i tried to request a name change from <Removed> to <Removed> but nobody responded... I sent it twice and everytime a month or two passed... Would like to finally withdraw my money.

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Re: Can't withdraw my money.


As you have not added your country to your community profile or said in your post then we can't help (Paypal varies a lot country to country).

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Re: Can't withdraw my money.C

Czech Republic.