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Can't withdraw after 180 days?


Can't withdraw after 180 days?



First of all, I did not find the answer to my question in this forum.


My account was limited for 180 days. Today I've received email from PayPal saying "Your PayPal funds are now eligible for withdrawal.". 


I tried to link my bank account to PayPal, but it does say "There’s a problem with your account. Please go to the resolution center so we can help you resolve this quickly."


On a resolution center it does ask to "Confirm a bank you have linked to your account by uploading your most recent bank statement."


But how I can upload that, if I can't even link my bank account? What should I do and how can I add my bank account if it gives me an error?

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Re: Can't withdraw after 180 days?

It’s been the same with me. I waited well OVER 180 days since May 11, 2020 and I still haven’t gotten a text to get my money. No reason for them to hold my money at all. All I was doing is adding money on a card, but after this happened I know to NEVER USE PAYPAL EVER IN MY LIFE AGAIN AND WILL NEVER REFER ANYONE TOO

Re: Can't withdraw after 180 days?

My account was limited even in January 2018, still did not get any email about withdrawal by today. All they did was auto reply