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Can't get rid of this account


Can't get rid of this account

I'm from Czech Republic. I started account on before it was possible to start account from Czech Republic. After it became possible (in 2011) my account got limited because of this. I was unable to lift the limitation, as Paypal didn't accept my addres is not in Germany.

So I simply started new account with another email and Czech address, and left this one old rot, since 2011.

But new paypal rules have fees for account inactivity. So I'd like to close this account. Yet I can't, the account is still limited. To lift the limitation, it's requesting copy of bank statement related to card, which is linked to the account. The card is expired for 9 years.

And of course, message to Paypal support does not work, says the page is not redirecting correctly.

Any idea how to contact Paypal ?