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Can't appeal PayPal's decision on my claim?

New Community Member

Can't appeal PayPal's decision on my claim?

I dit not buy any goods or products from Boa Compra Tecnologia - LTDA. I never did this transaction.

The transaction was made without my consent. It happened in the midnight when I was not available on internet. It's impossible for me to do such transaction.

But PayPal just replied: 

We've reviewed your unauthorized activity case, and determined that there was no unauthorized use of your PayPal account.

This case is closed. If you're not satisfied with your purchase for other reasons, we encourage you to work with the seller to find a solution. If you can't resolve the issue with the seller, you may file a dispute in the Resolution Center.

That's Nonsense. I don't even know this seller. I re-report but PayPal closed. I can't make any claim. 

I am very disappointed with Paypal. You say protect Paypal account owner. But not true.