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Can't access my funds

Can't access my funds

Hi, I used PayPal on one of the largest reputable online casino sites this morning and won £5,000 so withdrew it. A by lunchtime it had been credited to my PayPal, but immediately suspended by PayPal while I confirmed some questions. I did all the questions and PayPal said "success, account restriction restored." So here a couple hours later, I will don't have access to my winnings, despite on the PayPal recieve window, it shows it was paid in successfully. Any ideas what to do? My PayPal account is private / verified since inception, and is about 2-3 years old, although I never have had larger than £200 at a time go through it for the occasional means of payment online. Thanks in advance.


Re: Can't access my funds

Ps - I forgot to mention there is no mention of anything for me to do, just that payment is being withheld, but in the reference of the payment is the casino name, email and website, so it's very easy for them to check, if I really did win etc