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Can't Back money

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Can't Back money

Hi, at 25/11/2019 i search in google sim unlock service. First find After i check my phone IMEI status on this webpage and seen if i pay 9.9$ my phone must be sim free for 48 hours. This is link they give me for check my status <Removed>[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]1394599/ After 2 weeks no answer i open case on paypal and you tell me that you are sorry but my case is declined because purchase is unauthorized i don't understand what's the difference unauthorized or what. The fact 1. We are dealing with scams The fact 2. You support scams The fact 3. those with no sign of reply and i have evidence If i can't withdraw my money back this will be my last pay from your services Good Luck !!!

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Re: Can't Back money



Why did you open a dispute for unauthorised then?

Why not item / service received but not as described?

Also whether you use paypal again or not matters not a jot to anyone on here as this is not customer services.

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Re: Can't Back money

Hi @1986rom,


From your description it sounds like you may have opened the wrong type of case. A report of an unauthorised transaction is not for reporting a fraudulent seller, it should only be used if there was a payment on your account that you did not make. If you make the original payment using the goods and services option the team in charge can change the type of case for you to report an issue with what you received. If you made the payment using the friends and family option, I am afraid this would not be covered. 

If you think you are eligible I recommend getting in touch with us by clicking Help & Contact at the bottom of any PayPal page.