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Can anyone help me with an dispute?

New Community Member

Can anyone help me with an dispute?

I try to open dispute from paypal ,for an order by the crooks of gearbest.

When i open dispute they let me to dispute only for 76 cents of 150,76 us$.

I stop the demand and i try to open new one for all the price.And paypal dont let me to do,only for blshits reasons.

The order is not on my hand,never took it,and after almost 3 months delay i dont want it any more.Also the crooks of gearbest send it to me by UK(i'm living at E.U country),when in theire page says that it sendind by Italia,France or Germany only.Thats cost now to me for income taxes and etc oven 55 euros.So 3 reasons that i dont want the order,i have send messages to paypal,and he answer me as a bot,and i can find where can i make dispute and demand my refund by paypal.

PLS can anyone help me?