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Can a dispute be re-opened?


Can a dispute be re-opened?

I fell for one of those Facebook quilt scams. Paid my $60 and never got my quilt. Filed a dispute, especially after receiving false tracking, the website I order from no longer existed, etc. Well paypal found them in the wrong and refunded me. Now in the pst month I have received emails from the so called company asking me to send funds because they have proof of tracking. (again all bogus!) And just the other day i get a letter in the mail from a different named company saying they were writing to me on behalf of the company that i ordered from to send funds and if I didnt do so they would be having paypal get involved to get their money! My questions once paypal rules in favor of a dispute can they reopen the case or have been known to do so? I mean its been almost 9 months since I placed my order and never received it for them to come along now demanding their money!

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Re: Can a dispute be re-opened?



No. It's a done deal. If PayPal was to refund, or reverted the decision, it would have been done already by the other party or by PayPal. And the other party would have to submit convincing evidence that they were in the right or the tracking number was not false.

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