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Can I report the buyer?


Can I report the buyer?

Hello, I have sold a pair of boots to a buyer and due to virus restrictions the item was stuck for 10+ days at the airport. Buyer opened a case demanding a refund. I provided tracking number, showing that the item was in transit and would be delivered to him eventually. The buyer insisted on refund. I refunded him in good faith with the hope that he would return the item or would not accept delivery so that the item would return to me. The item was delivered, and he did not return. He got the refund and the item. PayPal cannot reverse the refund, ebay cannot step in since I refunded him and the case was closed. Can I report the buyer and get my money back? Thank you in advance
PayPal Employee

Re: Can I report the buyer?

Good day @ath_k 


Thanks for posting and I hope you are healthy.


It can be frustrating not being able to get your money back or even get the item back.


As far as Dispute process is concerned, we want the seller to at least get the sold item back prior to a refund being issued. However, if the refund was made by the sellers themselves, then case will be treated as amicably resolved and can no longer be reopened.


You may still want to consider continuously contacting your buyer but we both know very well that there's no guarantee that they will still give you the money or return your item.



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