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Can I file a dispute about this?

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Can I file a dispute about this?

Hi, I recently bought a pretty expensive wig from someone who said they only wore the wig once. However, after questioning them AFTER paying for the wig, they noted that they bought from someone else who ALSO wore it. This is a huge difference to me than if one person had wore it and she refuses to refund me based on it. Would a dispute on this item be successful?

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Re: Can I file a dispute about this?



No one can say one way or another what Paypal will decide, you have 2 options.


1. File a dispute for item received but not as described and put in AS MUCH info as you can before you escalate to a claim.

2. If you funded your paypal payment via a card then contact your card issuer for a chargeback.


If Paypal do find in your favour then you may have to send the item back trackable to prove delivery before a refund is issued BUT wait for them to tell you to do so first.

Also i hope you have activated the 'return shipping on us' option in your paypal account to help with return costs?

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