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CMLO Hammock Scam

New Community Member

CMLO Hammock Scam

Hey y'all ...I stupidly purchased a hammock from one site that looked legit, but ended up being CMLO and of course in China, even though it was supposed to be here in the U. S. I ordered this hammock on 9/2, paid for expeditied shipping so $56 and some change later, I am still hammockless. 😞 I have Contacted the seller which has answered that it is shipping on 4 different occasions with a tracking number to nowhere from FEIA. I have filed a claim, but still am not getting any info or feedback. I realize that I was a sucker clearly...ugh but is there any hope in Hades that I will ever get a resolution? Have any of y'all dealt with this kind of thing ? It's my first scam lol and I'm not sure how to proceed. Thank y'all for any advice or information 🙂


Re: CMLO Hammock Scam

Many have fallen for scams like this, maybe not hammocks but anything you can think of, they've done it.


What you can do now is file dispute in resolution center, then escalate to claim, at which point PP will contact seller and case proceeds from there, If and when seller responds there may be other things you can do, check back here at that time if you need more advice.