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CHICV and Laheroina


CHICV and Laheroina

A letter I was forced to write to deal with this deceptive and predatory company which goes by many names including CHICV, Laheroina, Unfadememory, and others (also, I have to say PayPal needs to answer to their continued willingness to accept payment from these companies):


La Heroina

Or whoever you are:


To Whom It May Concern:


On May 10, 2019 I made the bad mistake of ordering items from Laheroina after seeing an ad on Instagram. I paid a total of $141.97 for 5 items. The 4 items I received are in no way like the pictures or descriptions of the clothing I ordered. The quality is poor and the fabrics are substandard, specifically not the linen you advertised. You also sent me things I did not order, and did not send me some of the things I did order.


After many email requests for resolution, and an escalation to PayPal, I received return information from an email at on June 18, 2019. I am instructed to return the items to China and pay for shipping although the items were shipped from Chino, CA.


It seems very clear that you are running a scam business. I’m not sure why PayPal continues to all you to process payments via their platform. There is a whole community forum about your bad practices.


I will be persuing this matter aggressively with PayPay and the Better Business Bureau. You are a predatory entity who needs to be stopped from advertising on social media and accepting payments via PayPal.




Ann <removed>


New Community Member

Re: CHICV and Laheroina

i recently ordered a pair of Original Saltwater sandals from LaHeroina after seeing them on a google search, the photographs are taken from Saltwater advertisements showing models wearing genuine Saltwater sandals so i was led to believe that this is what i was purchasing, the price was £30 reduced from £60 which also seemed genuine as lots of summer sales are running at the moment. When i received them a few weeks later i was shocked to discover that i had been sent some synthetic fakes of the classic Saltwater sandal, i was furious that i had been scammed and the returns policy was so vague and expensive to put me off pursuing a full refund, i have opened a dispute via Paypal and have returned the item at my cost to China but i would like Paypal to stop allowing this company to use their platform as they are selling fake goods.