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Buyer fraud but I had to refund full amount + pay dispute fee

Buyer fraud but I had to refund full amount + pay dispute fee

I sent a parcel to my buyer in June 2020 and the buyer claimed that the parcel was lost even though it was delivered & signed for. The buyer raised a dispute and Paypal ruled in the buyer's favour. I had to refund the entire amount to the buyer including the shipping fees plus a USD8 dispute fee.


It is a clear cut case of buyer scam but they ruled in the buyer's favour. When I tried to appeal but it was denied for the below reason.


We were unable to grant your appeal with the information you provided. Unfortunately, we can't grant your appeal because we were unable to track your shipment. We made this decision based on the guidelines outlined in our User Agreement and after careful consideration of all available materials provided. Because this appeal wasn't accepted, the case result remains the same


I have provided Paypal with the following evidence:


  • Shipping information that is still live on my local postal service website
  • Written official email confirmation from my local postal service that parcel was dispatched, delivered and signed for. Clear indication of the buyer's name & address stated on the confirmation.
  • Official signed slip from the buyer's postal service that the parcel was already delivered & signed for


However they still ruled the case in my buyer's favour due to insufficient evidence.


I am unable to speak to any Paypal representatives because the hotlines are closed due to coronavirus. 


The Paypal representatives in the Message Centre are not helpful as they just redirected me to the resolution centre but I am unable to appeal the case anymore as the status is closed by Paypal.


Anyone has an idea how I can further dispute this case? What other evidence do I need to provide on top of the official proof given by the postal services?