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Buyer dispute is bogus

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Buyer dispute is bogus

Buyer purchased a dress from me that was listed as "blue" and described as "blue" in ebay description, not any "specific shade" of blue....JUST BLUE lol anyway, buyer received dress and filed a claim with eBay stating that the pictures were misleading and made the dress look "royal blue" and it didn't end up being the shade she wanted/expected when she got it....Buyer never once messayed me and utilize her options to ask additional questions in regards to the shade or request additional photos. My photos were very clear and capture the color beautifully (in my opinion) however when she sent her photos to eBay they were very dark and fuzzy and yes she did make the dress look a lot darker than what it was.... buyer also stated that she home because same exact dress and had she have known it was the same color she would not have purchased it... okay well my opinion if you are already on that exact same dress than you would presumably know that it doesn't come in any other shades of blue? I feel like the buyer was trying to pull a quick one and get a return approved so that she could send me the dress that she already owned & keep mine due to the fact that mine was basically brand-new only worn One Time by my daughter to a dance and her dress looks to be more worn.... also looked Maybe a tad larger(?) perhaps she has lost some weight & needed a little smaller size? I really don't know I just have a very uncomfortable feeling about this buyer and her tactics the whole thing seems absolutely ridiculous! Long story short eBay closed the claim and decided in my favor due to the fact that number one I did nothing wrong and number two they as well where I'm comfortable with the situation and leery that she would return the wrong address and they would be stop reimbursing my money. Next thing I know she opened a claim with PayPal so now I again have to wait for all that money since on hold and this **bleep** wears my dress....hoping that they aren't dumb enough to decide in her favor leaving me stuff having to refund this disgusting human and possibly getting the wrong dress back or my dress after it's been warmed multiple times! Like seriously what is going on it doesn't seem like it should be that hard to figure out since the clan has already been closed with eBay and decided in my favor you would think that PayPal would use some common sense and realize it was obviously for good reason!? Like seriously why do we have to set with all my money on hold while the buyer still has our merchandise! ?

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Re: Buyer dispute is bogus



Ebay and Paypal are 2 separate companies with 2 separate policies for buyer protection.


In the event of an item received but not as described dispute it is always one persons word against anothers, so paypal do tend to favour the buyer BUT the buyer has to return the item back to you at their own expense (trackable to prove delivery) before you have to refund.


All you can do though is wait and see what Paypal say.


Personally I find it easier to just accept returns and send them a shipping label to return the item.

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