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Buyer Protection

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Buyer Protection

I paid a new seller an amount of 3,360usd, and paypal got a fee for around 165usd, and now, the seller is asking for the remaining amount. He told me that the money is currently blocked by paypal and he can only get it after 21 days. I’m just worried because he have not yet deliver the said item, the question is, if he demand me to pay the remaining amount will he have access the full amount immediately? I’m afraid that if he get all the money, he won’t deliver the item I bought to him. Will the amount I send previously remain blocked even if I send another money to him? Thank you for your reply.

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Re: Buyer Protection



You do not pay a seller fees, that is between them and paypal.

If its marked as completed in your Paypal account then you have paid. The fact its pending on the sellers account is between them and Paypal.
Funds for new sellers are held for 21 days but released more quickly if they provide a tracking number (delivery + 1 day).

Even if the funds were withdrawn to their bank account they are still obliged to issue a refund if they lose a dispute. The hold is to protect Paypal from bad sellers that refuse, meaning Paypal may have to refund the buyer instead putting the sellers account into negative until they pay Paypal back.

If they refuse to send item/service then you could file a dispute for non receipt.
That may impact their paypal account in some way if they continue doing so.

Send them this link.

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