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Buyer Claimed refund despite tracking number being provided

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Buyer Claimed refund despite tracking number being provided

Hi, I sold an item through PayPal G&S in April, I shipped the item (from UK to Malaysia) on the the 14th April. I confirmed with the customer I had shipped the item but didn’t provide tracking (he didn’t ask) on the 17th April PayPal contacted me notifying a claim was being made against me by the buyer. I provided the tracking number straight away which shows (is still showing) the item is in transit. Fast forward to this week, PayPal have sided with the buyer and refunded him... I’m now £148 down and my item is stuck in a depot in Malaysia on course to the buyer. I’ve attempted to contact PayPal and got a busy tone, I’ve asked the buyer to contact the Malaysian courier service I can see the item is with and he is no longer replying to me. Feel like I’m really at a loss here and I’m wondering if anyone can help me get this resolved? The parcel is clearly being delayed due to the COVID19 pandemic, I feel PayPal have made the wrong decision here, Royal Mail won’t even pay out for a lost parcel yet as it has not been 25 working days? Thanks
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Re: Buyer Claimed refund despite tracking number being provided



Because tracking info does not show "delivered", the buyer gets refunded. When tracking shows delivered you can appeal the case. I'm surprised that PayPal relented so early because according to some reports PayPal would extend the resolution date, putting buyers off as they want their refund already. Do know what made your transaction different. 14th of April is right in the thick of the shipping logistic nightmare.


Hopefully you can file a claim with RM when you're allowed to and/or the item gets returned if customer doesn't pick it up or doesn't get delivered. I totally stopped shipping overseas.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂