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Buyer Beware! Facebook Clothing Shops and Resolution Center Upload Problems

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Buyer Beware! Facebook Clothing Shops and Resolution Center Upload Problems

I got scammed. It was a Facebook know the ones....for us ladies, it's a small clothing shop with the cutest boho tops, leggings and cute hoodies. Prices weren't super-cheap, but not too expensive either. We all get those targeted ads. Well, sadly I bit. It was my birthday and I treated myself to something rare....I bought myself some clothes. 5 things, just under $100 because they had a %off for the more items you bought.


I ordered 9-10 and finally got a partial order on 9-26. I excitedly tore open the package (which was from China though the site was based in LA) and I was dumbfounded. The clothing, well, it was slightly similar to the photos but definitely COPIES. The leggings that were described as a cotton blend looked like clown pants created from a thick, shiny, odd fabric like they make Halloween costumes from. The waistband was twisted and not sewn properly and the color? Either someone was colorblind or I was being scammed. The same with the other cotton blend leggings. But the top? Not cotton as described. The silk screened letters across the chest of the top were supposed to be about 5 inches tall. I got iron on letters 2 inches tall, a straight cut shirt though the photo showed a shirt tail cut and what was THAT? Oily spots in 3 places! Likely from the heat press machine putting on the letters.


No, this wasn't just a bad batch of clothing or descriptions that were slightly off....this was a 100% SCAM. These clothes exist SOMEWHERE but there is a chain of Chinese affiliate sites making poorly done copies of the clothes and selling them and ripping people off. So I file a PayPal dispute......and it kicked me off 3 times, wouldn't allow me to upload all the photos I had and wouldn't let me write out everything. So, I waited for the seller to respond.


That's when I got an email from them about returns. Only it was FAR different from their return policy. And, in short, this is what it said:

1. We accept returns but it is VERY EXPENSIVE to ship to us in China and you pay all fees, taxes and tariffs.

2. It must be to us in 2 weeks from the day you receive.

3. It must pass our inspection. If not, not refund given.

4. We will offer you a 15% refund and you keep the clothes


NOOOO. Ship to China/ IN 2 WEEKS? That's never going to happen. Plus it has to pass THEIR inspection? I literally opened the packages, saw and felt the fabrics, saw the oily marks and shoddy iron on letters.....took pics and put them back in the packages. But I can see them saying it didn't pass their inspection. Then I'm out my nearly $100 PLUS the shipping, taxes and tariffs and don't even have the horrible clothes to show.


I escalated my claim with PayPal.....afterall, they were trying to give me hush money NOT to send the stuff back. But I wasn't allowed to add anything else TO THAT more photos, no copy of the email they sent. No link to share their return policy so PayPal can see the  difference between the site and the emails.


Then I got ANOTHER email telling me they'll offer a 25% refund NOT to send things back with a reminder of how expensive return shipping in, the 2 week cut off and their approval policy. And to top it off, I am still lacking 2 things from my order that still show are "being processed". 1 look at their Facebook page and the growing scammer comments from ladies like me and I knew I just lost nearly $100 and my pride.


But HOW IN THE HECK can I contact PayPal and show them further evidence that this company is trying to scam me? HOW? Calling just sends me in there a secret password to say so the automated voice understands and connects me to a person? I cannot find an email anywhere. And I feel this new information will help my case.


Anyone else get it? Got any tips, suggestions or ideas? Yeah....happy birthday to me.