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Business Address: Limit Account


Business Address: Limit Account

Hi this is my first question for the community to ask for a help, recently i got a message email from paypal that i need a identity info for verification i can agree im using paypal for many years now, i think they wanted a update??

so far i answer all they wanted because my account got limited, i'm a freelance artist doing commission and so far i guess i answer the wrong info in the business information, i forgot what i answer in there but im sure i type what i do for business. i only draw.

right no i'm stuck in the business address i keep resending stuffs they wanted one by one with all informations i have, 

i can only chose this My parents Utility bill (not under my name) i'm still a student and living with family,

 With Barangay Clearance in a PDF File. an agent told me it's okay?


i'm not even sure if it's a scam or a glitch but paypal won't let me talk to a real person agent againt instead i get a bot. i can't contact paypal it's not that easy to contact other day a email from paypal? send me a message about my case id, they have the number but everytime i go to resolution center to check my case and copy paste the Case ID they give still there's no showing up of what case ID????? again it's hard to contact paypal, i try twitter and all but still i got a bot....


i need help and my English is not good and well to understand, please tell me where can i report more if this is a glitch or something....

a friend also told me it might be a scam, i don't want to believe it since i did a lot of mistake sending information's i have, a friend helped me out to understand what they wanted but still this time paypal did not email me that i did a mistake in business address, again i try to contact them but its so damn hard.....