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Business Account permanently limited upon creation.


Business Account permanently limited upon creation.

I have an educational LLC based in Malaysia. Upon creating my PayPal Business account, it was permanently limited.

Reason is "after a recent review" my account correlates with "excessive risk".

The resolution center had no steps to be done.
I went to message center, and contacted PayPal Customer Support providing the Reference ID for the limitation, accompanied with all the certificates and company registration papers.

I got a similar response mentioning "excessive risk".

I can't fathom the idea how a legally-registered LLC that offers educational service possess excessive risk. We want to use payments for learning services. And we have all the legal papers for it.

I think there might be two points of misunderstanding here:
A. I provided a website that was unreachable at the time of sign-up, as we are just launching it. It's now online now... So maybe this require a new review?
B. I chose the 2nd-tier "estimated monthly revenue volume" when in fact it's the first tier as of present time.

In addition to those two points, my questions are:
1. Is it possible to reverse this unfair limitation?
2. Is it true that I cannot create another account with my company name and registrations and bank account. Because I also linked the company's bank account after I got the limitation notice, thinking it would solve anything...

Dear community and staff, I really wish you could help with this.

Dr. Samer,